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Becoming a Member
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We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.


How Can You Join?

We ask that you place our sponsor  in your favorites to do your internet shopping. Also our "great materials" section is filled with great therapy supplies and our "books" section has lots of disability and parenting books, a portion of the sales will  directly benefit CLUB KATIE. Please contact us and we'll add you to our mailing list so you can get updates---

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization. Our members are our friends and we have come together to support each other . Of course we also have a common interest-- our children! We hope to further our cause and invite moms, dads, step-moms, step-dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends to join us on our journey! We hope you found our site useful and informative!

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