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May 2000 my husband and I learned we would be expecting our second child-- we were thrilled! But around 20 weeks into my pregnancy something went very worng. I was sleeping soundly when I was jolted by a sharp stabbing pain in my right side. I was told by 3 different doctors in 2 different ER's that it was muscle spasms from my growing belly. My own OB/GYN told me that it "couldn't be appendicitis,because I wouldn't be able to eat". Somehow the fact that they missed it worked for our benefit because the surgery would have surely compromised our pregnancy-- a baby born at 20 weeks is rarely ever viable. Other then being treated for chronic hypertension, this pain was my only complaint --nobody would listen to me --I had a BAD pain! On Dec. 8, 2000 at 35 weeks our Katie was born-- 5 lbs. 10oz. She had a brief stay in the NICU for low blood sugar but came home within a few days. After a few days at home we knew she had trouble eating-- we were told it was reflux and we worked with it. At 6 weeks I just knew something was really wrong--Katie had very low tone to her muscles, her head was stuck to the side, and her skull just didn't look right. I brought this to the attention of her pediatrician and he is so many words told this stay-at-home-mom that I worry to much and "to get a job". Well after a new pediatrician and some visits to the neuro clinics, testing, MRI's etc.--Katie was diagnosed with frontal lobe atrophy, hydrocephalus, autism, apnea-- as well as other technical stuff (the generic term of Cerbral Palsy)I could write a book on--but why? In September 2001 they finally found it -- after 6 doctors-- my ruptured appendix was finally removed-- it took many months to recover from the infection but at least I have my little girl! -------------------------------------Tina Jarrell